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     The name of the island of Formosa was changed many years ago to Taiwan; but the tea produced on the island is still called Formosa Tea.

     Black tea production on the island of Taiwan was stimulated when trade between the US and China was suspended. Formosa black and green teas are not nearly as note worthy as Formosa Oolong.

     Any regions growth may be manufactured into green, oolong, or black tea. The growing conditions of a particular region may make tea more suited to one manufacture than another. This is the case with Formosa and Oolong tea. Tea grown in Formosa when semi fermented is perfect.  Formosa Oolong is the best in the world.

    Formosa Oolong tea was first produced by immigrants from the Chinese Province of Fukien. Their attempt was to regain the Oolong teas they left behind. It's not certain whether they feel successful in their efforts, but most everyone else is thankful for their effort.                  

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Formosa Oolong.  Note the light liquor, tightly rolled leaf,  and larger leaf size after infusion.

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